CMOTalk is a 30 minute weekly show designed for the Chief Marketing Officer audience discussing strategy, tactics, technology, and innovation and their impact on business, customer relations, and employee engagement. With weekly guests that will include top CMOs, marketing thought leaders, industry analysts and more, this show promises to be a hard hitting, informative conversation. Our charismatic, quick-witted hosts, CMOTalk listeners will no doubt keep listeners entertained but, more importantly, educated and dialed into the things that matter as marketing rapidly evolves. If you're a CMO, marketing leader, or entrepreneur looking to stay up-to-date on what is driving marketing, technology and more, then you'll want to tune in and subscribe to CMOTalk, hosted by V3B's Shelly Kramer. You can find Shelly on the web at, on Twitter @shellykramer and be sure to follow @CMOTalkLive on Twitter as well.
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Mar 16, 2015

You can't turn around without tripping over a blog post or an infographic (mostly shared or circulating in the social media space) touting the benefits of the social CEO. Claims that social CEOs (and senior executives) are more trustworthy, more transparent, more engaging, more human abound -- all of which could very well be true. But is it true or is it just hype from the social media loving marketers out there? Do social CEOs and senior executives equate to more sales? Do they equate to greater customer satisfaction or greater customer retention? Do they equate to happier employees or more satisfied shareholders. We're fascinated by this topic and despite being immersed in the social media space, our thoughts on this topic might surprise you. Join us for this episode of CMOTalk where we'll dive in, poke holes, and share some advice if this is a topic you're wrestling with in your organization.

CMOTalk is hosted by V3B's Shelly Kramer and Daniel Newman. Find them on the web at, on Twitter @shellykramer and @danielnewmanuv, and be sure to follow @CMOTalkLive on Twitter as well.

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