CMOTalk is a 30 minute weekly show designed for the Chief Marketing Officer audience discussing strategy, tactics, technology, and innovation and their impact on business, customer relations, and employee engagement. With weekly guests that will include top CMOs, marketing thought leaders, industry analysts and more, this show promises to be a hard hitting, informative conversation. Our charismatic, quick-witted hosts, CMOTalk listeners will no doubt keep listeners entertained but, more importantly, educated and dialed into the things that matter as marketing rapidly evolves. If you're a CMO, marketing leader, or entrepreneur looking to stay up-to-date on what is driving marketing, technology and more, then you'll want to tune in and subscribe to CMOTalk, hosted by V3B's Shelly Kramer. You can find Shelly on the web at, on Twitter @shellykramer and be sure to follow @CMOTalkLive on Twitter as well.
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Jun 13, 2017

Sales and Marketing. It’s no secret that these departments often have a rocky relationship—but if they can figure out a way to collaborate and play nicely together, the end result is what they both want—an increase in growth and profitability. In this episode of #CMOTalk, host BMG’s Shelly Kramer and guest Joel Capperella tackle one of the most difficult dynamics in business—the relationship between and the alignment of sales and marketing teams. The challenge: Sales needs the leads. Marketing brings the leads. But research shows that only 25 percent of MQLs end up being turned into SQLs. In this show, Shelly and Joel delve into the disconnect between sales and marketing, and ask the age-old question, ͞Can you teach a sales pro some marketing tricks?͟ We think it’s possible, and even better, a huge win for business when you can make it happen.

Joel Capperella brings over 20 years of business developing, pipeline building, revenue increasing strategic marketing execution. He helps create habits that connect story to sales which helps his clients get more. More marketplace awareness, more conversations with the right people, and more revenue more quickly. He has worked with companies of all sizes. From juggernauts like SAP and Oracle, small startups with new injections of cash, and the entrepreneur.

Jun 2, 2017

The role of the CMO is undeniably evolving—and it’s changing quickly. CMOs must be able to evolve to survive in post-digital world in which we live, or go the way of the dinosaur.

No longer is the job just about content creation and creativity; CMOs must be well-versed in technology, tools, metrics, and measurements and be able to translate this information to show the value of marketing and marketing positive contributions to the business’ bottom line.

Not everyone is meeting these demands, though. CMOs are losing their jobs left and right because they are failing to adapt. In this episode of CMO Talk, Shelly Kramer and guest host Linda Patterson delve into the new demands on CMOs, and what it takes for CMOs to survive in a post-digital business world. Don’t want to end up a CMO dinosaur? Then tune in to listen to this episode of CMO Talk.